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Adhesive Replacement Disks for Surf Knobs

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Need to reposition Surf Knobs on your board?  Use these custom cut 3M commercial-grade double-sided adhesive disks.  Just remove the Surf Knob and stick one side of the replacement adhesive to your Knob. Reposition the Knob on the deck of your surfboard or anywhere else you'd like. An order comes with two Adhesive Disks.

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Randal Magon
These don’t even stick to the knobs. Nothing like the original knob adhesive. The adhesive sticks...

Could you help me and tell me what the problem is and how to get these to stick. Thanks.

Stephen Feigel
failed after one use

stuck to the board ok but not to the knob . is their anything I can do to get the pad to adhere to the knob ?

Sorry to hear that! The key is to ensure that the Knob is clean from sand and not wet at all and the pad isn't cold. Once everything is clean, you could use a hair dryer to gently heat up the pad and knob to activate the adherence more. Hope that helps!!

Bill Kennedy
Surfer knob adhesive

Put it back on the knobs that I used in Costa Rica but have not taken the into the water yet , cleaned them good so we will see ,thanks for the fast help

John Fowler
Adhesive Replacement Disks for Surf Knobs

My replacement adhesive discs showed up as promised. I have not needed to use them yet but I do appreciated the kindness of Surf Knobs to provide the replacement discs. Thank you-

shaun connors

Not recieved yet 4 weeks and still waiting. Order was knobs and adhesive stickers. First order has been great just waiting for this order thanks

Thanks Shaun for your loyalty! This pandemic has slowed some shipments to the UK. For some reason about 20% of the shipments get held up in customs in LA en route to Europe. Sorry this happened to your shipment. It should arrive in the next week or so, if not please reach back out and I'll look into the shipment again and see what we can do.