Surf Knobs

Soft-Top Surfboard Mounting Brackets

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Two custom-molded nylon plastic mounting brackets to be used to attach Surf Knobs to Soft-Top Surfboards.

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ZEUS 1972
Not too proud to use “assistive device”

While I have yet to put my Surf Knobs through their paces in the Ocean (surfing), I did install them on my Wavestorm and paddled around on a nearby lake ... only to have an adhesive failure with one. Rob, at Surf Knobs, promptly sent me replacement adhesive. I’ll give them another trial at the lake before trusting them as a functional “assistive device” in my unashamed quest to learn to surf “before I die”. (I’m 71 years old ... so it’s a “race”).

alexander alamillo
Great company!

I wanted some surf knobs for my nieces foam board, so her pop up could get better. Didn’t read the part about the mounting brackets, but the guys here sent the mounting brackets and a new pair of surf knobs free of charge. Very satisfied from both the product and owners!

Peter Dyer

Worked very well. Very happy

Dan Walsh
They're great!

Having had bad knees for a few years and then total knee replacement surgery of both knees, I needed a little help getting up on my board. The Surf Knobs have been a real help to me to continue to enjoy my sport.

Bryant Albey
Great Concept

I have not had the opportunity to install and use them yet but they are top quality made. Im sure they will work amazing with my age and my bad back issues. Thank you Surf Knobs