Having Trouble With Your Pop-Up?

PD, or Pop-up Dysfunction, is a common disorder seen in the injured, aging, tall or beginner surfer.

Surf Knobs create more space for your legs to swing into your surfing stance. You'll enjoy faster and more precise pop-ups!

Works with SOFT-TOP and HARD-TOP Boards!

Adjust Position on the Fly!

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SURF KNOBS: U.S. Patent Nos. 10,538,298 and 11,021,218

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"This product has helped, and is helping surfers that do have problems with there hips, knees or whatever that is stopping them from getting up on their board quicker than they used to."

Jeff Jessee – 2X National Surfing Champion

"After my injury, I thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy the sport ever again. With the help of Surf Knobs I am able to ride again."

Matt, South Carolina

They work! Longboarded evening glass off at Short Sands. Been struggling with jump ups due to knee surgery but no longer! Popped right up!

Alex, Oregon

Caught 9 waves in 30 minutes and got up on every one, which is incredible!!!

David, New Zealand

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Surf Knobs Were Designed With Purpose

Surf Knobs are not for everybody and we know that. However, this product was specifically designed to meet a need we saw in the market. Who are surf knobs for you ask???

Injured Surfers

Aging Surfers

Beginner Surfers

Fully Adjustable on the Fly!