Surf Knobs

Surf Knobs

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Two soft, lightweight EVA foam custom-molded Surf Knobs that adhere to both sides of your surfboard deck where you place your hands during your pop-up. You’ll finally have the space you need to swing your lower body into your surfing stance.  Treat your PD (Pop-up Dysfunction) and Get up and Ride! 

Surf Knobs: Patent Number 10,538,298


If you have a "Soft-Top" surfboard you will need to get this "Soft-Top Mounting Accessory." Free with Purchase of Surf Knobs. Discount applied at Checkout.

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Quality Product

I have had the opportunity to use Surf Knobs for multiple months during that time I've used the product in all kinds of conditions and swells in the ocean, I hope this review can give clarity to you in order to make an informed purchase.

The product is essentially a "yoga block" to help you stand and turn into a wave looking down the line, it can also be used as grip points for your hands to anchor and angle your body on a board if you are a prone surfer.

The actual size of the knob: half the size of a standard coffee mug in height, and just as wide as the mug. It is an efficient and ergonomic design that your hand naturally wraps around. The design of the product is not the issue, it is YOUR actual placement of the knobs on the board when you are surfing that really matters.

Surf-Knobs are durable, safe and can handle ALOT, if they hit you they don't hurt. They never come off your board when you place them on a CLEAN, and DRY surface of the board. Let the knob stick for 5-7 mins and you can use it in 6-8 foot surf without them coming off. Mine have been smashed, thrown, beaten and driven into sand without issue, follow instructions they will stick.

Placement of your knobs are essential to your success, before you place them you should have 2-3 sessions of surfing to pay attention to your hands at take-off on waves. Once you have a general idea of where you really placing your hands, that is where the knobs will go and stay. If they are uncomfortable move them slightly closer to your rail and the outside of your body so it reduces rubbing.

Pricing: 35 bucks for 2 knobs is a good deal. The knobs last forever in consistent tough, intense conditions. Customer Service is great, they handle your needs promptly, never been dissatisfied. The knobs can also double as simple handles for around the house use, I've used them for handle grips on shelves, and showers. They are not medical devices, but if you are in a pinch and creative they can work.

It is a good product worthy of your consideration and purchase overall.

Love Them

I have them on my personal board and use them on my boards for my surf School. I like the added grip I have getting to my feet and the extra lift to get my feet in the right spot. I am 52 and have been surfing for 40 years but found my pop up slower this year. I had to surf my longer boards to accommodate but the surf knobs got me back on my short boards. Waiting for summer to see how my students like them. I feel they will teach them faster giving that their hands will be placed in the right spot something a beginner Surfer struggles with.
Rodney Roller. Zada Surf School Pismo Beach Ca

One down

One works real well after one comeing off,rightside still on Long live the Goofyfoots🏄🏿‍♂️

Im back .

Brilliant got me back in the line up ,gave this old logger a reason to smile, toes on the nose.

Sooo good

Made a big difference. Just had knee surgery so it made a big difference.