Frequently Asked Questions

Surf Knobs are a new surf accessory and there are bound to be some questions. We hope to clarify any questions you may have about the product, how it is getting to you and even what to do if you need to return it. Feel free to contact us at support@surf-knobs.com if your questions aren't answered here.

How would Surf Knobs help with my pop-up?


The best way to have quick, precise pop-ups is by maintaining complete control during your pop-up motion.  This is achieved by keeping your hands in contact with your surfboard throughout the entire motion of your pop-up. You shouldn't release your hands until you are in your low surfing stance.  For many surfers, but especially the injured, aging or beginner surfer, that can be difficult to do. With Surf Knobs on your board, you now have an extra 2 1/4 inches of clearance to swing your lower body into your surfing stance so your hands can keep in contact with your surfboard throughout the entire motion of your pop-up. Your pop-ups will be quicker and more precise.  Surf Knobs also force you to place your hands in the correct spot during your pop-up.


How do I Install Surf Knobs on my Board?




Where should my hands be during my pop-up?

Typically, without Surf Knobs, your hands should be flat on the deck of your surfboard, close to the side of your ribcage at the level of your pecs. You will place your Surf Knobs at this same hand spot on the deck of your board. Now when you pop-up, you will place your hands on top of the Surf Knobs. This will force you to put your hands in the correct spot during your pop-up, plus give you extra space to swing your lower body into your surfing stance.


Will Surf Knobs work on all board types including Soft-top boards?

Yes! The velco-like fastener will adhere to any type of board surface including foamies. Be sure the board top is clean with no sand, salt or wax on the deck.


How do Surf Knobs help the Injured Surfer?

Any surfer who struggles with keeping good control throughout their pop-up motion will benefit from Surf Knobs. Those surfers who have arm, back or leg injuries see dramatic benefits in that it allows them to get into their surfing stance despite their injury. Surf Knobs are sometimes used as a bridge for someone who is just getting back in the water after injury.


How do Surf Knobs help the Aging Surfer?

The aging surfer often struggles with adequate arm or back strength. Also, with age, we lose our flexibility, which makes it more and more difficult to execute a fast, controlled pop-up. Surf Knobs give the extra space you need to get your lower body into your surfing stance. It’s the equivalent of yoga blocks for your surfboard. Surf Knobs have been shown to get older surfers back out surfing successfully again after they thought surfing was in their past.


How do Surf Knobs help the Beginner Surfer?

Surf Knobs have been shown to accelerate the learning curve for beginners. This is accomplished by providing a very defined, accurate place to put their hands during their pop-up. This proves useful in dry-land teaching and translates easily to in-water instruction. Also, with the extra space created by Surf Knobs, it’s easier for the beginner surfer to do a single motion pop-up into a correct surfing stance. By bypassing the two-step pop-up learning phase, beginner surfers quickly progress to more advanced waves and maneuvers. They also do not need to break bad two-step pop-up habits that beginner surfers often pick up.


What are Surf Knobs made out of?

Surf Knobs are made from a custom-molded EVA foam. This is the same foam material that a surfboard traction pad is made from. They are soft and smooth to minimize injury risk, yet firm enough to support you through your pop-up motion.


How do you take Surf Knobs off your surfboard?

Surf Knobs come off the velcro-like fastener by applying firm lateral pressure. They are designed to be removable so you can position them however you need to depending on wave conditions. To remove the velcro-like fastener from your surfboard deck, use a blow dryer to heat the adhesive on the fastener and then apply firm constant pressure while pulling the fastener from the board.


What’s the size of each Surf Knob?

Each Surf Knob is 3 5/8 inches in diameter and approximately 2 1/4 inches high. They are specially molded and contoured to fit the deck of the average surfboard.


Is there a right and a left Surf Knob?

No, each Surf Knob is the same. As they are rotated so the Surf Knob logo is facing towards the rail of each side of your surfboard, the bottom contour of the Surf Knob will match the contour of your surfboard deck.


Are Surf Knobs heavy? Will they impede my ride?

Each Surf Knob weighs just 1.5 oz which is a very negligible weight. However, it is important Surf Knobs are mounted with at least a 2 finger-width distance from the edge of the surfboard so they are not felt when carving.


Do Surf Knobs help in other ways besides with my pop-up?

Yes, Surf Knobs help to provide another reference point on your surfboard deck. It is easier to quickly feel if you are centered on your board. Also, during duck dives, you can get your board a couple of inches deeper in the water. Out of the water, they can be used as a handle to carry your board - especially helpful if your board is too wide to fit under your arm. For adaptive surfers, Surf Knobs are a great option to place anywhere on your board you may need something to hold on to.


Do Surf Knobs get in the way of paddling?

No. When positioned as described to help with your pop-up, Surf Knobs do not interfere with your arms or chest while paddling. They also still allow for you to sit on your board while in the water waiting for sets.


Where can I buy Surf Knobs?

Online purchases can be made at surf-knobs.com and on Amazon. Surf Knobs will also be available at various retail locations. If you are a retail shop and are interested in learning more about supplying Surf Knobs to your customers, please contact us directly.


I own a Surf School, do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes. Please contact us directly at support@surfknobs.com or through any of our Social Media feeds and we will be happy to discuss details.


What's your return/refund policy?

See our Returns Policy page for all the details.

Still have questions about Surf Knobs? Reach out to us. We'll answer any questions you have, well ...almost any!